11x | Things in daily life that bring me true happiness

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Can you name a few things which make you happy? Of course you can!  These are usually small, random things. Whether it’s the smell of coffee in the morning or a drawing of your child when she tried to draw a person -that person is actually you- (with only 3 fingers, XL-feet and too much blush). These small things often remind you of how thankful you are for just being ‘alive’ and being aware of that little kind of happiness.  I have a few things which put a smile on my face and I thought it would be fun to share them with you! 

11x | Things in daily life that bring me true happiness

1.The fact to realise that i’m thankful to be part of this world.

I feel really blessed that I get the chance to live my life and make the most out of it. Sounds pretty common, but it is not. Being a mom of two beautiful, healthy children and teach them about the world is not that common. It is like creating your legacy which you want to be proud of once you’re old and satisfied.

2. Indeed the smell of coffee in the morning;

It eases the start of my day….need I say more? 😉

3. My children;

Especially the first giggles of my children when they were babies. It gave (with Ophelia) and gives again (now with Aiden) this special feeling inside which is hard to describe. It makes you forget everything for a while…

4. My husband;

When he tries to make me smile when i’m sad or angry about something.

5. The Beach;

It doesn’t only make me happy, but gives a real boost of energy! The wind coming from the sea also blows usually all of my worries away  :). Not daily because we don’t live close to a beach…but still. Just wanted to mention this one!  😉

6. Smell of autumn;

Somewhere between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn there’s this particular ‘smell’ hanging in the air. A mixture of  cool, crispy, humid, sweet air. When I inhale it…mmmmm!

7.Waking up of Aiden;

Now he starts with babbling with his cute, chubby cheeks and it sounds really funny! Together with that cup of coffee, I couldn’t wish for more to start the day right!

8. Caring for others;

This is something I really enjoy actually. I’ve always been a caring person and love to help others. It leashes out the ‘mother’ in me I guess…no matter the age of  the person who’s been taken care of. It also gives me a nice satisfied feeling.

9. Feeding;

Whether I’m feeding Aiden or Ophelia or just the whole family. I love it when I make Ophelia’s favorite dish (waffles or pancakes for breakfast)! She then shows so much gratitude. It simply makes me very proud and happy at the same time.

10. Photography;

An interesting photo can really intrigue me. The beauty, excitement or mysterie of a captured moment always make me wonder.

11. Baby hands;

When Aiden is holding me tight when I hold him or give him a bottle. That’s just too cute! Have no words to describe, but I think every mommy knows what I mean.

Of course there are a lot more ‘things’ which can take my breath away or make me dance, sing, laugh or simply be still. These 11 are the ones who came up directly.

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What simple things can make you happy? I’m very curious! Feel free to share in the comment down!

Love, Essma




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  1. Maaike 10 oktober 2017 @ 09:25

    Wat schrijf je mooi in het Engels! In het Engels zijn sommige dingen zoveel mooier gezegd. Maar goed, daar gaat dit niet over 🙂 Ik word erg blij van het open zetten van de ramen Sochtends. Heerlijk die frisse lucht die naar binnen stroomt! En natuurlijk word ik ook erg blij als de kinderen opeens zeggen dat ze me lief vinden.

    • little-origin 10 oktober 2017 @ 09:51

      Hoi Maaike! Dank je wel! Ik moet je eerlijk zeggen dat ik soms ook de behoefte heb om in het Engels te schrijven omdat ik zelf vind dat het meer betekenis heeft ofzo? 😄Niet dat ik me niet graag in het Nederlands uitdruk hoor, maar wat je al zei klopt wel. 😉 Dat geldt ook voor sommige gedichten. Als je die naar nl zou vertalen mis je een stuk ‘gevoel’. De ramen openen in de ochtend is heerlijk idd…dan ruik je ook heerlijk die zoete, frisse herfstige lucht hè? 😍

  2. Sylvia 9 oktober 2017 @ 18:54

    Wauw mooi artikel. Knuffels en kusjes, lekker eten, mooie uitzichten tijdens het wandelen. T zijn de kleine dingen die het doen😃

    • little-origin 9 oktober 2017 @ 20:32

      Dank je Sylvia! Daar heb je absoluut gelijk in en we moeten die kleine dingen ook vooral blijven ‘zien’! 😉

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