Aiden is turning 4 months soon and I got him some solids to try out. Just in case! He has always been a real hungry baby so I think (I hope) he will like this and ready for it too. I prefer organic food for my children and this brands (Alnatura & Hipp) are just perfect. Want to know when to start with solids and especially what to give your little boo for the very first time? Please, feel free to continue reading!

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It took a while before I’ve finally found my perfect wintercoat, but here it is! I did found it! If this winter is anywhere near as harsh as last year’s, I’ll need at least a warm cozy one (or two  😛 ) to get myself through. Because I still have those extra ‘baby kilo’s’ attached to me,  I had to find a coat which suits me well. Instead of going for the same old option in black, brown or grey, I want this season to try a chic style in a happy color that’ll lift at least my mood during the cold months. Take a look!

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Huh? Why in English you must think?! Yes, from now on, i’m gonna write my posts in English! By doing this, everybody gets the chance to read my posts. As some of you might know that i live in Frankfurt Germany….Since we live here, we became friends with different people from around the globe. Now, they also can read my posts. The Dutchies already ‘know’ English, so why not? Besides, I also can ‘work’ on my English  😀 . 

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