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Ophelia zit alweer een tijdje op de Europese school waar ze de de hele dag verschillende talen te horen krijgt. Gelukkig hoeft ze zich “alleen maar” op het Engels en Nederlands te richten. Ze krijgt iedere dag 30 minuten les in de Nederlandse taal van een Nederlandse juf. Plezier boven alles en dat komt goed uit, want Ophelia heeft het maar wat naar haar zin op school! Mijn achtergrond als juf komt nu ook goed uit, want ik help Ophelia thuis met de Nederlandse leerstof. Lees en kijk je gezellig mee hoe we dat doen?

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I already mentioned that I’ve been raised in Holland. I was born in Morocco. In 1985 we moved with the whole family to The Netherlands to build up a better future. In that year I was 4 years old. Twice the age as Ophelia was when my family and I moved for the same reason to Germany. While I grew older I became more and more part of the Dutch society and felt ‘as dutch’ as my friends. Morocco became more a ‘holiday destination’ instead of my homeland which it actually was until I was 4 years old. So, the biggest part of my existence lies in Holland. Since I’ve been living in Germany I miss my Dutch ‘way of life’ every now and then…what exactly? Read about it in this post!

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Our daughter turned 5 today. I couldn’t handle my tears writing this letter to her, but these are words straight from the heart and everyone may know how proud I am of her. A bit emotional about that our little girl is going too fast for me to catch up…Alhamdulilah (meaning Praise to God). Today I stand still by the wonderful 5 years we already had together! Please, feel free to read along.

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Are you familiar with ‘fretting’ about what to buy a child for its birthday because you simply don’t have a clue (you don’t have children yourself or you can’t think of something?) Do you come more and more to the same conclusion that the particular child actually has everything already? You don’t want to disappoint the child by not buying something but on the other hand you don’t want to show up

with something ‘useless’? In this cases I might have some ideas for you! The following ideas are based on what our daughter (a typical girly-girl) loves to play with and what she’s interested in but also my knowledge as a mother and a primary school teacher know which things are ‘popular’ for the 4-6 year old target group. 

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